Willemijn Pels Rijcken

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Willemijn works as a Psychologist at OpenUp. She has a background in system-therapy, specialized in interpersonal challenges and working on self-confidence, grief and stress.

During her sessions, Willemijn creates an open and non-judgmental dialogue to explore challenges together, focusing on your role and how to work towards a solution. She will help you to expose thoughts and beliefs that underlie and affect your feelings and behavior. With a warm yet direct approach she works together with you to increase your joy and autonomy in life.

This combination of her radical honesty with practical tools will help you develop skills that empower you to work towards your goals.

To take care of her mental health, Willemijn starts every morning by exercising and ends her day by reflecting on that day. These habits give her joy and energy.

"An honest conversation about how you're doing is probably one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself and others!"